Our founders' backgrounds and expertise are as varied and diverse as the riding that we do and we use it. We use it to make faster, lighter, and better products for cycling enthusiasts like you. We love to ride bikes and with your help we want to grow the industry and get more people out there on two-wheeled, human-powered, eco-friendly machines.

We are developers, testers, users, and producers of some of the best cycling products on the market. We produce and sell ultra-effective consumable products like tire sealant, chain lubricant, polish, and rim tape along with accessories like RVC tubes, RVC valve stems, and tubeless kits for both road and mountain bikes.  We ride, race, and use our experience to make the best products on the market.

Efficient, effective, and evolving - Orange Seal Cycling Products. 

 Ride More, Drive Less, Live Better.

Orange Seal, Inc
PO Box 2545
Cedar Park, TX 78630
Tel: 877.660.7728
Fax: 800.242.7338
E-Mail: info@orangesealcycling.com

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